The Age of New Normal

As we move forward during this time of transition from traditional to digital living, Bertha Lee Strickland Cultural Museum is accepting the call. We will be offering more virtual tour experiences; online education opportunities featuring our new I.M.E. (Interactive Multicultural Education) program; online lectures; and our ...from the Carter Archives series of blogs, videos, photographs, and presentations that journey beyond our museum exhibitions and into our collection of artifacts, documents, scrapbooks, journals, news clippings, and manuscripts that assist us in preserving and telling the story of our Upstate history.

As per our museum mission, we will present authentic history that focuses on the little-known story of our area's African American community (mid-18th Century to present-day). In our rural mountain community, African American history is woven deeply into the many cultures of our area whose lives intertwined to build and sustain the blended ethos of the area’s 21st Century, present-day experience.

We will provide access to our digital content via social media, our website, and more. Stay tuned… we hope you will enjoy the journey!


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